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Murals, Murals, Everywhere- Remembering Workers, Remembering Veterans

You could literally go to any place in the world and find amazing pieces of art - large and small - that tell the story of a city's history and people. Specifically, let's focus on Pittsburgh for a bit.

The mural in question is a vibrant tribute to Pittsburgh steel workers and military veterans. Remembering Workers, Remembering Veterans, by Lucas Stock and Douglass Brunner, assisted by Temisan Adoki and Stephan McGinnis, spans the entire length of the Veteran’s Leadership Program building at 2417 East Carson Street in Pittsburgh's Southside.

Part of the MLK Community Mural Project, the figures in the piece are meant to reflect the photography of W. Eugene Smith, a war correspondent for Life magazine.

If you've ever driven down East Carson Street (or at least attempted - let's be honest), you've probably seen this giant mural. From murals to sculptures, Pittsburgh's Southside is teeming with all sorts of site-specific public art pieces. As a Pittsburgh native, it's cool to be able to learn the history behind the pieces of art that I walk past every day, n'at.

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