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Golob Art offers a wide array of fine art and creative services to help lift people up, provoke thought, and transform spaces.

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Community Engagement 

Community Engagemet

Developing Creative Organizations and Systems

It often takes a group of dedicated people working together to enact change and transform spaces and communities. For that reason, Golob Art has offered services since its inception that aid the growth of such organizations – from identifying needs and potential participants to implementing programs and processes. In 2012, Golob Art President, Alexander Golob, co-founded Wellesley PSAS, an arts non-profit that has continued to grow since its inception and now is a critical actor in the community it serves. Golob Art also helped organize the recently formed Methuen Arts Partnership which, in five months since its inception, has become totally independent, created permanent works of public art, and developed a series of performances and events.

Community Organizing

Along with helping to form organizations, Golob Art has deep experience with engaging and organizing communities. This includes respectfully listening to, learning from, and partnering with local community members and leaders, fundraising and identifying sponsors for critical arts projects, organizing community round-tables, planning arts events, and developing longer term arts initiatives.

Because Golob Art deeply believes in the value of this type of engagement in the public art process, this service is a critical component to many of the studio’s art projects.

Creative Real Estate and Placemaking


Transforming Neglected Spaces

Vacant and unused spaces are a reality of many communities and developments. Whether this space is in a down-trodden area, has been neglected, or is having trouble finding a tenant in a busy, when left unattended, the space can represent significant lost opportunity for social and economic activity and can result in lower value for nearby properties. Golob Art can offer solutions to rapidly engage the space and the surrounding community to transform it into a visually appealing and bustling hub of activity.

Develop and Implement Plans to Engage and Incorporate the Arts into a Development

It is our studio’s opinion that people need creativity and art. Having art built into the fabric of the space where they live, work, and play results in stronger recognition and uniqueness in crowded markets, increased social and economic activity, higher retention of tenants, and happier community members. Golob Art offers the unique artist’s touch to developing character and uniqueness in a community and space. Past clients range from non-profit organizations like the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation and the South Middlesex Opportunity Council to for-profit developers like Federal Realty Investment Trust.

Case Study in Transforming Spaces - Post Cubicle Gallery

A prime example of the transformative power of this work is when Golob Art successfully transformed the Hotel Buckminster’s 2,500 square foot vacant space in the center of Boston, formerly a cat-hospital, into a bustling art gallery. The space, titled Post-Cubicle Gallery, hosted 200 people at its opening and has become a center for community events and performances. The space now generates significant foot traffic, has raised the profile of the Hotel Buckminster, and has contributed to a vibrant arts community.

Workshops + Panels

Workshops, Lectures, and Panels

Golob Art has worked with a diverse set of organizations to develop and participate in lectures, presentations, and panels. These range from presentations on the values of public art and placemaking to the Braintree City Council, to presentations to 400 6th and 7th grade Wellesley Middle School students on what being an artist means, to judging and offering constructive criticism for a Boston University’s creative start-up pitch-off.

Press Services

Press Services 

Ensuring that people know about the creative work that you are doing is sometimes just as critical as doing the work itself. Golob Art offers press services to get the word out about the impressive art initiatives that take so much time and effort to develop. Our studio has experience with creating press packets, developing graphics, and crafting and sharing press releases. In a short time span, Golob has managed to generate at least one piece of press for most engagements, bringing vital information to people about projects and raising the profile of our clients.

Research + Writing

Research, Report, Policy, and Grant Writing 

Understanding how to move forward with creative endeavors and what initiatives should be taken on can be difficult. Golob Art offers critical research, innovative problem solving, and a deep expertise in the arts to confidently and effectively foster the arts in your community or organization. We have helped a number of organizations explore their options and write grants or short-papers on the value of the arts in a community. One of our most notable projects is a 52-page report and associated community engagement to guide the development of the Arts in a region.

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