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Venetian Lanterns. 2016.

Light alone is beautiful, but in Venice, it becomes magical. There is something about the misty atmosphere and ochre walled, winding pathways that creates a space for light to guide and amaze. Having returned to the United States from a five month stay in Venice, I wanted to create a work of art that evokes that same sense of magic that only a city like Venice can. My idea is to create an installation of at least 30 hanging wooden lanterns made from laser-cutting that emulate the surreal qualities of one of the most spectacular cities on earth.

The Designs

Gondola Birdseye:

The design below takes the motif of boats (or gondolla) seen from a birds-eye view. The abstraction depicts them laid out extending from a central, vertically oriented series of circles.

Byzantine Gothic:

The lantern at the left draws on Venice's Byzantine and Near East influences by making use of greek crosses and ogee curves.

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