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Interested in commissioning?

It is the mission of Alexander Golob to create engaging art that provokes thought in the public, lifts its viewers, and transforms physical space. Moreover, the artist aims to improve conditions for artists by developing a fair artistic practice.

Why Golob art?Alexander Golob is committed to exploring innovative ways for art and artists to interact with communities and organizations. He works directly with commissioners to tailor high quality works of art to their specific needs, offering organizations an opportunity to simultaneously beautify and guide the function of a space. Moreover, organizations and businesses commissioning art from Alexander Golob establish a reputation for supporting Boston-based artists and invest in an aesthetically engaging environment for their patrons and staff. 

     Alexander began executing professional commissions in the 2012 at the age of 18. Since then, he has produced artworks for various restaurants in the Boston area, nonprofit organizations, and Boston University (his alma mater) and continues to seek fresh opportunities. For a complete summary of Alexander’s work, please refer to his curriculum vitae.

Why art at all?

To commission a professionally produced piece of art is to encourage an environment that values creative expression. It enables fine artists to animate and construct dynamic relationships with physical space and to show their work to a large audience. Moreover, community areas that intergrate art initiate a sense of local pride while exposing anyone who is willing to look to thought provoking pieces. Unfortunately, too many artists struggle to earn a living wage from their work, forcing many to seek additional employmentin order to follow their passion and produce innovative artworks. This troubling trend both stifles the creative process of individual artists and discourages meaningful expressions on a larger scale. Alexander hopes to encourage a society in which artists have the mobiity to create pieces whose presence transforms the space and people around it

The commissioning process:    

Due to the customized nature of Alexander's artwork, each commissioning process is unique. However, most commissions begin with an initial surveillance of the space in question and identification of how art can best fulfill the needs of the commissioner. The artist and commissioner then meet to discuss potential themes, materials, costs, and any permits or other preparations needed to move forward. If still interested, the commissioner makes a down-payment and works with Alexander to finalize the plan for the artwork. Finally, Alexander creates and installs the agreed upon artwork.

Get in touch!

To contact the artist with any questions or to begin the inquiries involved in commissioning a piece of art, send an email to Be part of Alexander’s efforts to establish an economically sustainable environment for artists, to provide commissioners with custom works of fine art, and to deliver art beyond the walls of a gallery into the public eye.

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