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Wellesley PSAS!
Wellesley Parents Supporting Art Students

Supporting the Community

Since its establishment, W-PSAS has grown in membership, fundraising capabilities, and the scope of its activities.

  •  coducting potlucks with local legislators to discuss visual arts in our education system.

  • organizing volunteer drives and outreach to help teachers with student shows and opportunities.

  • collaborating with local museums, businesses, and organizations for educational and outreach events.

  • fundraising through various events and sales of student work.

Co-founded in 2012

In 2012, Alexander and his mother, Lucia Lovison, founded W-PSAS, a non-profit to support visual arts in the Wellesley public school system. 


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College of Fine Arts Student Government

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President from 2013-2014

In 2013, Alexander lead the transformation of a dying organization into an innovative and integral member of the community. By the end of the year, CFA Gov had substantially grown its membership, begun several new initiatives, and was named one of the best student organizations at Boston University.


Innovation, Growth, and Community Buildling

Under Golob's leadership, CFA Gov expanded its presence, and began several still-existing initiatives:

  •  developing an art class program that that provides teaching jobs for art students and provides affordable classes for the BU community.

  • organizing artistic collaborations between music, theatre, and visual arts students.

  • establishing a semi-annual student art sale.

  • collaborating with outside organizations to host large artistic events.

  • develop sustainable institutional practices to assure future growth.

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