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Tales from the Gut

Opening Reception-April 20, 2018

Post-Cubicle Gallery's debut show, 'Tales from the Gut', explored stories told from the soul, from trauma accounts and nostalgic memories, to fantasy and folklore. The opening reception was held on Friday, April 20th from 6PM to 9PM and was observed by over 200 visitors.

Alexander and Edie on BUITM - Post-Cubicle Gallery
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Featured Artists: Evan Morse - Sam Kindler - Alexandra Rozenman - Caitlin Shawaker - Anaís Azul - Karen Merritt - Chloë Feldman-Emison - Lindsey Caputo - Antonio Cardoso - Dalila Bennett - Karl Stephan - Edie Côté - Joetta Maue - Johnny Doley - Sasha Seaman - Evan Perkins - Samuel Guy - Marissa Graziano - Brandon Lowery - Danielle Pratt - Demetri Espinosa - Catherine Della Lucia - Yuan Lin
Rebecca Mancia - Molly Dee - Mai-Han Nguyen Henry Louris - Thomas King - Alexander Golob

Performance by Cathartic Conundrum and DJ-ing by Max Geist
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